The Hearties    







Glenn managed to get down to the Ebury Wine bar in the spring to meet his old friends in the Hearties. A group of friends who originate from the early sixties, who used to frequent the Plough at Purley and the Misses’ Yates Williams Ballroom Dancing classes at the Orchid Ballroom in Coulsdon. Most of us then moved up to Ravenscourt Park, our first of many flats in London. They also had another super evening at Toto’s in November. Followed by dinner at Motcomes


                               Neil Bruce Copp &                David Owlett &

                               Patrick Marsden-Roberts       David Giles


                                                                Derek Sinclair




                               Glenn & Tony Evans




                                       El Presidente -  note the tie.

The Hearties Wine & Dining Out Club

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