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After so many successful evenings with groups of friends at the Bruerne’s Lock Gourmet dinners, we thought it might be a good idea to circulate a ‘newsletter’ about details of the next dates that Alison and I plan to arrange. We feel from past experience, particularly with the last very enjoyable Loire evening in mind, that the maximum number that induces the best atmosphere is ten. Nigel has said he can make the ‘new’ room available for our group, as at Alison’s 40th, provided we give sufficient warning. 

We propose to draw initially from a list of friends who have already enjoyed these evenings with us, who will have priority:

Alan & Julie Coster; Jon & Marie-Helene Davis; Alan & Annie Digby; Ian & Loredana Harley; Mike & Sue Knapp; Bill & Sian Ribbans; Mike & June Hawkins; Jonathon & Penny Taylor; Jonathon & Marna Bibby; Chris & Jean Garrett.

Others, of course, will be more than welcome, if the above do not make up the ten. We ought to add here the health warning: Alison and I are not on commission and the booking is with Bruerne’s Lock, so if you are unable to attend at the 11th hour, please inform them, and discuss loss of deposit, not us! 

There are of course many great gourmet evenings at the restaurant - we have chosen two that we feel will have the widest appeal, and will undertake to try others and put them on future lists. 




Hungarian Evening `         14 booked 29/9/00

Thurs 23rd November Hungarian Evening 45

The season of Special Events is rounded off with a Hungarian Evening in November.  This is our first serious look at Hungarian food & wine.  It will no doubt feature a Goulash and the famous Royal Tokai wines along with some of the big reds perfect for those winter evenings. As always the Evening begins with an aperitif in the Bar at 7.30pm, followed by an introductory talk on the wines & foods that you will be tasting.  Each of the five courses will be accompanied by a different wine!

Just to remind those who enjoyed the Laurent Perrier Evening of the fabulous food and drink, and ruin the the day of those who missed it:


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