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Spaniel Breeders A Threat to our dogs !! Hugo & Cedric Gundog Artist

The case for Docking ! 




In the beginning there was Hamish, an English Springer, Glenn had bought in May 1979. During the poor puppy’s first visit to our flat in London, Glenn was spending his weeks in the Midland looking for a house and staring a new management job, Glenn’s 1st wife announced she was leaving for another man. Poor Hamish, what a start to life, for a twelve-week-old puppy. He spent the next four months in a different hotel every night. I bought my cottage in Southam Road in Dunchuch in September ’79. For the next few years the two bachelors lived together sharing Glenn’s, lovely but small cottage. Glenn went into Politics, becoming a District Councillor in Rugby, shunning his past, trying to re-invent himself, and joined Midland Communications, in 1982 (and is still with them)                        

The Boys - Our two Springer Spaniels, Hugo and wait for it…  

                                   Cedric !


The boys finished off the '98 season as a perfect team, and Rupert excelled himself, so our memories of him will always be of him at his peak, always finding the difficult runners or badly sighted birds. But these are now fond memories, as in August Cedric arrived, with a bang. We decided to expand on our idea that a dog bred from field trial champions proved steadier and more trainable. Alison’s training of Hugo, from the Rytex Kennels proved a great success. We decided to go back to Ian Openshaw at Rytex and bought a puppy from a litter, with both parents being field trial champions, as were in fact all four of his grand parents. And so we found ourselves with Cedric! Wow. Even better, in his pedigree he has Jamie, Rupert, and Hugo’s fathers. What a puppy-he returned to the whistle at 12 weeks, and is so steady that it would take a violent explosion to faze him.




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