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The Castle Phélan Ségur is located at Saint-Estèphe. Union of two properties, " Closed of Garramey " and Château Ségur, it was created at the beginning of XIXe century by Frank Phélan, Irish of origin. From the start, this one gave to its residence an exceptional architectural characteristic: the integration of the residence, the wine storehouses and the vat in a homogeneous building. The vineyard, of 64 hectares, 30 years an average age, is located on exposed argillaceous low register croups vis-à-vis at the Gironde. Its compartmental management ensures of the controlled outputs. Thus, the wine making which combines tradition and modernity emphasizes qualities of power, concentration and balance of the wine, specific to the soil of the Castle Phélan Ségur. After the transfer of the champagnes Pommery and Lanson, Xavier Gardinier became about it owner in 1985 with his three sons.

One of these sons, Thierry and his wife Pascal, have become good friends, who we visit when we go to Bordaeux.

Constituted at the beginning of the XIX E century, the Phélan-Ségur castle is the work of a remarkable wine grower, contractor with the modern direction of the word, Mr. Phélan, of Irish origin, come to be established in Saint-Estèphe. This vintage, one of widest of the Medoc, was consisted of the meeting of two properties, " Was closed of Garramey " and " Ségur castle ", which belonged to the count de Ségur, called the " prince of the vines ".
The castle, recognized by all like a successful exceptional model, was born from the will of a man, to join together in a homogeneous architectural unit and completely integrated, the residence of prestige, the farm buildings, the wine storehouses and the vat.
Conscious of the great quality of his soil, Mr Phélan made so that the castle and its installations are worthy of this one. One century and half after, those modernized, prove always sufficient by their dimensions, always relevant by their design.
The wines of Phélan-Ségur are vinified and worked out with a large respect of the soil. What their confers the race, the smoothness, balance, typicity of great Saint-Estèphe. Among most famous of their name, the wines of the Phélan-Ségur castle are sold in the whole world.

Chateau Phelan Segur


This wine is matured for 18 months in oak barrels, 40% of them new. The color is a rich, dark, ruby red. Bouquet is distinguished and aromatic, rich and complex, with a ripe summer fruit taste frequently dominating, with just with a . trace of vanilla. Solid, substantial, and concentrated in the mouth, the wine contains a spicy hint of tannin. The marked tannin content usually present blends smoothly into the wine, ensuring it lasting life. A great wine that improves with age.


Making the wine


After being sorted and inspected, the stalked grapes are placed in a state of the art fermentation vat and transformed into wine. Some specifications concerning this process:

 Yeast added to foster fermentation.

 Fortification 2 to 3 times per day. 0 Fermentation temperature 28°C to 30°C.

 Heating&cooling by heat pump.

 Duration of time in vat, 20 days.

 Press barreling  first and second pressings are separated.

No filtration before barreling. 

 34 stainless steel vats with average capacity of 200 hl, thermostatically controlled, allowed to store the three separate root stocks by origin and age. Following a final tasting, the wine goes into the harmonious blends called Chateau Phelan and Frank Phelan.  


Maturing the wines


 30% to 40% all new barrels, depending on the vintage.

  Duration of the maturing process: 12 to 18 months.

  Samples drawn from barrels every 2-3 months.

  Clarification using egg white.

  Filtering at time of bottling.

  All the wines are Chateau bottled.

  Two, completely renovated wine making facilities and a stone cellar large enough to    hold the property's 2 000 barrels.

 All tile flooring throughout, ensuring perfect hygienic conditions.


Frank Phelan                     


This wine is named after the first owner of the Chateau Phelan Segur. Frank Phelan was a dedicated vintner who came from Ireland during the last century and built up the Domaine. He loved Saint‑Estephe and the wines grown there, and served for 30 years as Mayor of the City. When Xavier Gardinier achieved vintage status for the wine in 1986, he decided to name if after the first owner of the Chateau. Frank Phelan is grown at the same Chateau as Phelan Segur, and matured for 12 months in the same oak barrels previously used for Chateau Phelan Segur. Although not as sturdy as its elder sibling, Frank Phelan wine has the same basic characteristics. The wine is a distinguished one, with a delicate, discreet, and elegant bouquet. Its full charm comes out immediately when opened any time after three years.






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