Glenn with the HAC    







Clive Martin, who Glenn served with for most of his HAC career, was made Lord Mayor of the city of London. Clive kindly invited us to the Mansion House to watch the outgoing leg of the Lord Mayor’s parade, followed by Lunch in the magnificent Egypt Room. The entire HAC Regiment the Colours, Pike Men, Musketeers, Band, Light Cavalry, Guns and a marching contingent were the Lord Mayor’s escort. Glenn was in seventh heaven, and did not come down to earth for several days.


 I joined as a Gunner in A Battery in 1970 and was a member of Richard “Ticker” Lasson’s gun sub when we won the top gun-sub in the specially formed Queens Battery, winning the Queens Cup, for the top RA Battery countrywide at Otterburn.

This training fortnight was followed over the years by:

3 at Senny Bridge, 

1 at Soultou

1 at Larkhill 

and a special 2 weeks based in London promoting  the HAC with Reg Howe at the Midland Bank, Colin (then Sheriff of London) and Christ College School.

From 1972, I was Clive’s “oppo” better known as little Red, against Clive’s Big Red in the newly formed First (one) Squadron

Other than my many, many weekends at Larkhill with the Squadron, I spent many more at Bisley with  the regimental Shooting team, under Richard Burford, being awarded my Shooting Team Colours in 1979. I also, during the winter months, hunted with the Royal Artillery Hunt on Salisbury Plain.    My most cherished achievement with the HAC, was the setting up of and helping to run the HAC Saddle Club. We ran nightly classes each week at the Kings  Troop Barracks; Enfield Forest; Holmbury St.Mary and the Lee valley. This led to me being the Show Director at the First Combined Services Show Jumping Competition, which is still running. Through this I have represented the HAC in many equestrian  endeavours.


 Other contributions include: 
 21 Royal Salutes at the Tower Of London, and once most bizarrely manning a Gun in  the Towers moat while an Orchestra played the 1812, firing when the conductor pointed a baton at us and organising the drinks at a reception at the Guild Hall for Princess Anne and probably a few other things that my dyslexic brain has forgotten  over the last 20 years.

                   I am now a County member of the Veteran Company.  



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